Roma Neighborhood Farms was created for one simple reason: we wanted to eat better. So we found the perfect plot of land, studied the how-to’s and seed catalogs, did the necessary prep work, and are now ready to start farming. As proponents of ‘real food’ we are all about growing the old-fashioned way: slow, all-natural growth with a healthy dose of TLC (and sunlight, of course). At Roma you will find no ingredients that you need a professional to pronounce, no additives your grandmother wouldn’t recognize, and no chemicals that you need to wear a mask for while handling. All natural all the time, baby!

As we prepare for our first planting season, we will follow the W-O-R-D System for gardening:

Wide rows

Organic methods

Raised beds

Deep soil

Wide rows allow for substantially more room for the plants to grow. Using organic methods ensures that we don’t put any harmful chemicals into the plant (which would then end up in us). Raised beds means less compacted soil – which in turn means more air and water can enter and move about, supporting solid root growth – while also making it easier to weed, water, and fertilize. And deep soil promotes healthy strong roots as it encourages them to stretch out and find the nutrients and moisture they need.

But while there is something to be said about knowing how to grow your own vegetables there might be even more value in being able to step back from the non-stop world we live in and slow down long enough to appreciate the here and now. We want to rekindle that connection between us and the earth, tapping into that power Gandi alluded to when he said: “To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” We are trying to remember those earlier days of enjoying playing in the dirt, the time when we were awed by the miracle of growing grass with that second grade science experiment, and the joy we had walking through the pick-your-own strawberry fields of the summer, the apple orchards of the fall, and the pumpkin patches every Halloween. Oh yeah, and we want to eat better, too.

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